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Discover the Cities With Unique Advices of Citiletter’s Chiefs

Citiletter is your free travel guide by real people! Discover the cities, meet with the chiefs, take their advices and send a message to them!

If you are interested in a fantastic experience in your next destination, dare to go beyond boring and cliché travel guides!

Citiletter, the youngest generation of all the travel authorities, is ready to show you around with the contributions of the chiefs from all over the world. With the belief that the locals and the travellers know the cities best, the community builds a bridge between these people and the newcomers. 

Citiletter is your travel guide by real people!

If you are bored of the single-voiced travel advices, Citiletter comes out as a polyphonic choir. Here is why: The community calls its travel guides who are actually locals and travellers as “Chief”. They are real people who really enjoy the cities and share their experience with the newcomers. This is the most striking feature of Citiletter; however, it is not the only one. 

Because it is community-based, you can contribute to Citiletter as a regular user or you can create a wish list for your next trip. Citiletter also lets the users make a travel list and see the places around according to the distance. Long story short, everything has been designed to facilitate the life of the traveller in this mobile app.

All the information that you need is given clearly

Travellers can access the Chief’s experiential advice and recommendation easily using the mobile app. The app is very helpful with all the details given clearly such as directions, public transportation info, visiting hours, entrance fees, contact info etc. 

Citiletter mobile app is a totally free guide with its user-friendly design and its valuable content on places by the chiefs. 

Find out the Chiefs of your dream destination and start to plan your next travel by asking them all the questions in your mind. You can always send a message to Chiefs! 

Join Citiletter community as a Chief

If you have brilliant ideas or important comments on touristic places, Citiletter is inviting you to take your part in the Chief network from all around the world. Advanced knowledge of English is not a must for the community. The chiefs are open to practising their language skills in this community. Feel free to apply for being a Chief:

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About Citiletter:

People who know a city best are either the locals or the travellers. We called them “Chief,” and thus our story began… Discover the cities, meet the chiefs, take their advices and send a message to them!

You don’t have to waste your time with searching for your next trip on the internet amidst pieces of information that were written by professional authors who sit down in their offices without actually experiencing the cities. We provide real people and their real experiences for your next trip, for free.


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