Interview with Eurovision 2009 winner is Alexander Rybak

Interview with Eurovision 2009 winner is Alexander Rybak

Since I opened the topic “We Met” on my blog, I continue my interviews with famous people.

I made an interview with the young violinist is Alexander Rybak from Norway, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with a high vote in Russia.

Alexander Rybak - Fatih Özdemir

One year after the interview, I personally met Alexander Rybak while arrived in Istanbul on 17 September 2013 and attended his concert. Click here for my related article.

Here I share my interview that I ask questions about Eurovision night and his personal life.

Fatih Özdemir – Interviewer / Hi, Alexander! You’ve been a famous singer since you won The Eurovision Song Contest. I have known after this contest too. You play the violin perfectly. Why are you interested in the violin? How did you manage to become so good at it?

Alexander Rybak / Thank you! :) My biggest privilege is to have good parents. They saw my violin talent when I was 6 years old. They pushed me hard, but with love.

Fatih Özdemir / Can you tell us The Eurovision Song Contest process? We know that you were elected with the highest votes from your people. How were you elected? Which stages did you go through?

Alexander Rybak / In Norway, we have 3 semi-finals and one final. I am very happy that we have such a big election in my country so that many artists can compete in a fair competition. But I also respect that other countries send their artists without an election.

Fatih Özdemir / From your internet accounts, we see that you’re interested in Turkey. However; I know, after the volcanic eruption in Iceland, you’ve cancelled your Istanbul event and have never been to Turkey afterwards. Are you thinking of coming to Turkey again?

Alexander Rybak / I have been in Turkey once, in Alanya. Beautiful country, and warm people. I hope I get another invitation from a Turkish promotor.

Fatih Özdemir / In your videos and performances, we see an energetic, lively Alex. Where do you get this energy?

Alexander Rybak / I’m usually very calm and down to earth. It´s because I’m saving all the energy to my performances and recordings/music videos.

Fatih Özdemir / In your Eurovision year, was there any who you thought would become the winner? What did you think about Hadise, our singer?

Alexander Rybak / Although I won, I always thought that Hadise had the coolest song. My biggest dream is to sing with her.

Fatih Özdemir / I believe the most impressive show was in Norway. It was amazing. Can you tell me your feelings about that night?

Alexander Rybak / I have the same feelings every concert, every show: I’m nervous, I’m grateful, and I’m happy.

Fatih Özdemir / What are your plans for the future?

Alexander Rybak / I want to be a composer, and live a peaceful life with a beautiful wife and children.

Fatih Özdemir / What’s your favourite Eurovision song?

Alexander Rybak / The Russian Grandmothers, definitely!

Fatih Özdemir / Who are your idols for the violin in the world?

Alexander Rybak / I have only one: Yasha Heifetz. All the new ones are just trying to make stupid faces while playing, to look like they´re good.

Fatih Özdemir / You’ve become famous all of a sudden. Many talented youngsters dream of it. Would you like to share your experience with them?

Alexander Rybak / It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. Anyway, it is a great happiness to sing in front of so many people. Always!

Fatih Özdemir / Will you take part in Eurovision Song Contest again?

Alexander Rybak / Yes. Many times, as a composer.

Fatih Özdemir / Is there anything you want to say to your fans in Turkey?

Alexander Rybak / Thank you so much for waiting! Until the next time I visit you, I hope you keep downloading my songs!

Fatih Özdemir/ I believe You read to Blog sites on the Internet. You think, Is Fozdemir good? (In terms of Design and general view)

Alexander Rybak / I think it looks great, and it´s a very easy blog to read. Congratulations!

I convey one’s thanks to you from in here. I wish someone luck to you. We love you, Alexander Rybak!

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