How to make money by blogging?

How to make money by blogging?


These days when blogging turns into a profession, most people, including my circle of friends, think bloggers make much money. Well, let’s see if everything that it looks like? In this article, I will give you some tips about blogging too.

First of all, blogger is not a very monetizing business in most of the countries as you think, if you are not a Perez Hilton :) If my father was rich and if I had a digital agency or a team interested in my blog, I could be the “blog king” of my country in 1 year :) But I’m an enterprising young man from a middle-class family trying to get on his own feet.

In my opinion, Blogging has more spiritual value in my country (Turkey) than the money. I got plenty of special invitations by authorities and went hundreds event through my blog. Especially if you are a bit famous blogger people get to know you and trying to speak with you. That’s all are more important than money for me.

Moreover, if you look at your blog as a money machine, the work you do is worthless. There’s advertising on my blog, yes. Because I spend a lot of time on my blog, especially sleepless. If I had spent the time on a job as I do on my blog, I could have a lot of income now. But I prefer to spend that time on my blog.

The revenue is starting to increase at the same rate with the popularity of your blog and the age of it. Of course, there’s no pedestal for every blogger to earn a high income. Now I’d like to explain that.

I can’t say that the way to make money from your blog is to write good content. When I look at what I’ve written, especially my old articles, I feel that have to remove most of them. Because most of them were created on my childhood and they seem to be in a rather mediocre language. That’s why I don’t have a lot of content on my blog because I clean up old posts for that reason. You’ll ask me: “Then why do these brands advertise on your blog, where does your visitor come from?”

That’s where PR gets involved. PR: Public Relations. Its mean: I can sell my blog.

There are many bloggers in Turkey, most of them write more than I do, and produce more interesting content. But when they want to make money, have difficulties. That’s because they can’t sell their blogs to advertiser brands.

Brands and advertising agencies working care on blogs that have good quality spelling language and interface. Usually, they come to you with proposals, but sometimes I bring them an offer.

When you look at my blog, you will see good design. Because I’ve been working hard it on. Brands love this, too. Because it makes a difference compared to other blogs which has standard templates and a bad interface. So, a blog site with a domain like, with just a few exceptions, maybe nothing for advertiser brands. If you ask what are these exceptions, the first one is interesting content.

It’s a fact that the blogs that attract the most attention in the blog world are held by women, and the ones who read the most blogs are women. I don’t have a chance to talk about fashion, makeup, etc. on my blog. Fashion, Makeup, Magazine type blogs start at 1-0, even if they have a bad design and spelling language.

The most interesting topics that men can write may be Technology, Social Media, Travel and Culture. Technology and Social Media are actually the most popular categories, and brands love it a lot, but it’s hard to get popularity in this category.

Travel blogs are in a very special position at this point. They have a very niche visitor. They’re the kings of destination searches on Google.

What about recipe/food blogs? Even if you sit down and enter the recipe from morning to evening, you will rise. The demand for recipes is quite a lot.

Now let’s talk about men for foods. The most beautiful category for men is gourmet blogs. These writers, who are gourmets, travel around the world and write the flavours of the world. Quite interesting, actually.

The most fortunate bloggers are brand ambassadors. Brands invite these bloggers to various events and promote their products. But I warn you, if you want to be a brand embassy from scratch, it’s a little hard. These things are quite related about network you have.

The works of the bloggers who write about every subject are both easy and difficult. There are also successful bloggers in this regard.

I generally love blogs which focus on one topic, but it can be boring for writers. So if you don’t have a single interest, you can focus on the two or three topics that give you the most pleasure to write.

I can call myself a blogger who writes about everything. But the articles are the only about of my interests. I don’t do game reviews just to get visitors. The reason I am getting much visitors every day from the search engines. I think before I start to write: “How can people reach me? What they can type on Google to reach me?”. You can reach large audiences without advertising anywhere by this way.

And lastly, never don’t be arrogant and get to know your visitor well. People are wondering what you think, only give correct information to them.

Finally, don’t write long writing as I do now :) In a world where even social media news feeds were quickly scrolled up by people, you can’t expect from them to read long articles. But, Not too short. I know you know the good length :)

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