About My Favourite Eurovision 2019 Songs and Some Happens.

About My Favourite Eurovision 2019 Songs and Some Happens.

We are approaching the new Eurovision season excitedly. The candidate songs of the contest that, last year Netta had won with her Toy song and had moved the contest her country is Israel, was announced. As every year I made, I’m gonna list my favourites with my comments in this year too.

Geçen yılın birincisi Netta’nın Final performansı.

If you plan to go to Israel to watch the show, I advise you to read this article: Eurovision Song Contest Tel Aviv 2019: Everything you should know and see

To prepare the list was very difficult this year too. The songs in my list are actually everyone’s favourite. So, we could say, one of them will be won the contest this year. However, I have to say again: the live performance is everything. Most of the songs that you see here which have great video clips will be no ball of fire in front of the audience. The stage performances will determine the winner.

My 2019 favourites (Sorted from 10 to 1)

Portugal: Conan Osíris – Telemóveis

Eurovision loves diversity. The Portugal which known with its ineffective songs has been taking the contest seriously after winning the contest with Salvador Sobral. I think this song like coming from the future. Even though we are not ready these, this song will be in the top 10.

Switzerland: Luca Hänni – She Got Me

Switzerland‘s Eurovision history is not perfect, but this song is really awesome. The rhythm is very Mediterranean and very lively. We can listen to this on the nightclubs for a long time after the contest.

Cyprus: Tamta – Replay

Cyprus had deserved to be a winner last year with Eleni Foureira‘s Fuego song. As a matter of fact, I’m sure she is spoken and loved even more than Netta. For that reason, everyone was waiting for their songs. The choreographer is the same person as last year. The song is very high quality and lively. I’m very excited about them.

Azerbaijan: Chingiz – Truth

Azerbaijan hadn’t qualified for final last year with having a misfortune. But this year came back with Chingiz vigorously. It is an expected Azerbaijan quality. But I’m not sure they will be in the top 5 due to we have great songs this year.

Israel: Kobi Marimi – Home

Israel was the winner of last year; have an ambitious and powerful voice this year. I must say I like it quite a lot.

France: Bilal Hassani – Roi

The Moroccan Singer is Bilal will show up with a meaningful English-French song for France. He got a share of the racism trend of this year and was exposed to negative attitudes from Frenchs. The song is one of my favourites but I have watched his live performances. I think, his undeveloped teenage voice will be not enough for this song. Due to this reason, even if he will get a high vote from the audience, he won’t get a high vote from the juries. Maybe he will drink quail eggs to be have strong voice before he goes on stage :)

The Netherlands: Duncan Laurence – Arcade

The Netherlands believe will be the winner due to they are located in first place on the Bet sites. Their video clip has very brave scenes. I know, the video clip fascinated everyone, but his live performances show us he won’t be talent. There is no doubt to say, the song is not bad, it is great.

Russia: Sergey Lazarev – Scream

Almost whole Eurovision fans love to Sergey Lazarev who competed in the contest 2 years ago for Russia. He will represent his country in this year again. We were waiting for a lively song from him, but he decided to join with a slow one which shows us his great voice. I listen to this song every day, it is like a movie soundtrack. I hope he will get a good place.

Italy: Mahmood – Soldi

Another racism victim is Mahmood. An Egyptian father and an Italian Mother… Even, The Deputy Prime Minister of Italy had shared an out of kilter racist tweet about him.

What a very meaningful song! I listen to his songs every day. Also, I added 4 songs from his latest album. He has a great voice.

Soldi” means “Money“. He reproaches his father in the song. Also, the song includes some of the Arabic words too. This is why Italian racists don’t like him. Good luck Mahmood!

Sweden: John Lundvik – Too Late For Love

I know most of you are angry at me for placing this in my first place :) Sweden is considered a questionable country by the Eurovision audience because it has won the competition twice in the last 10 years. The reason is that the event called Melodifestivalen, where Sweden chose their songs, was given a lot of coverage by Eurovision’s press relations. And when their song is released, exclusive interviews and announcements are shown up. For this reason, there are those who think an exception was made for Sweden.

I really liked their song :) So they actually deserve the first place :) You’ve seen it when you watch the video; the background and vocal quality of the song are enormous. It’s like his voice will never be degraded, and the whole team knows how to stay on the stage. I think they’re going to easily go up. I’d say the first three guarantees.

Bonus: Ukraine: Maruv – Siren Song

And finally, I’d like to finish my article with Maruv. Because she’s the biggest injustice of this year. If you’re following, Ukraine won’t participate in the Eurovision this year. In fact, they chose that great song you saw above. But Jamala, who has won the contest before and is also among the Ukrainian juries, has provoked the public against Russia on the live broadcast.

As you know, there is a war between Ukraine and Russia through the Crimea. Maruv, who completed the night with first place, was welcomed with a reaction due to she will perform in Russia in the coming months. Jamala asked Maruv: “Hi Maruv, welcome to Tel-Aviv, so, I have a very uncomfortable question to you, Crimea is Ukraine?”. Maruv answered “of course” and got Jamala’s clapping happily. This sad scene once again reveals the repulsive perception of politics over human psychology.

This is why my sympathy for Jamala has also been destroyed. That wasn’t very professional. It’s raining hate messages on Jamala by the entire Eurovision audience. Ukraine presents different racism every year. For example, they caused to Russia to withdraw from the competition by not giving a visa for their representative. They also announced that if Russia wins this year, they will not participate in the competition next year.

So in a nutshell, a very exciting 2019 Eurovision awaits us. I’m waiting for your favourites in the comments.

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