Eurovision Song Contest Tel Aviv 2019: Everything you should know and see

Eurovision Song Contest Tel Aviv 2019: Everything you should know and see

Eurovision-lovers and travellers, hi there! As you know, the Eurovision Song Contest which has the status of the most watched music competition is moving to Tel Aviv this year. Netta from Israel won the competition which was organized in Lisbon the capital of Portugal last year. That’s why Eurovision will be held in Israel on 14-16-18 May this year.

Here, I would like to give you some advice on spending time in Tel Aviv City out of Eurovision adventure. But first, let’s have a look at which places the city will experience Eurovision excitement. 

On the other side, if you hesitate about your travel in Tel Aviv, you could easily download Citiletter mobile application which includes comprehensive info about Tel Aviv and you can create your own to-do list, besides you can ask for help from city experts in the application. Moreover, it will be your guide from the Ben Gurion International Airport to all over the city. 

Eurovision will be held in Pavilion 2 room in Expo Tel Aviv. On the other hand, Euro Village which is the heartbeat of the competition will be settled in Charles Clore Park quite near the beach. Also, you should keep in mind that the final day of Eurovision is a holy praying day Shabbat of Jewish people. Tel Aviv Municipality has announced that it will not be paralyzed the local transportation service. However, this announcement had got a reaction from the religious section in the city. 

Tel Aviv opens its door to the world through its famous beaches and nightlife. In the greatest demand beaches of Tel Aviv are Jerusalem Beach and Hilton Beach. Even though the nightlife is spread around the city, it is mostly centered upon Rothschild, Levontin, Lillenblum, Allenby, Florentin, Jaffa and Dizengoff.

If you would like to visit historical places, Old Jaffa district, at this point, is the most popular place to get lost. In this area, you may coincide with museums, art galleries, also churches and a clock tower from the Ottoman Period. 

In the city, there are also very nice parks to spend your time or get rest beside the beaches. One of those nice parks is the Charles Clore Park which will be settled in Euro Village. Another grand park you may visit is HaYarkon Park. On the side, Independence Park which is very close to Hilton Beach is another attractive point. And what is more, despite its small survey, Gan Meir Park has high popularity since it is known as the symbol of LGBT society in Tel Aviv. Since Ron Huldai mayor of the city has announced that the most remarkable Gay Pride event will be organized in the same period with Eurovision, this park will go down a treat!

I remind you to download Citiletter to discover all other places in the city and to create your own to do list. Have a great holiday!

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