My favourite entries in Eurovision Song Contest 2018 – Lisbon, Portugal #Eurovision2018

My favourite entries in Eurovision Song Contest 2018 – Lisbon, Portugal #Eurovision2018

Even if Turkey is not in the Eurovision Song Contest no longer, Turkish fans have not left to follow the contest. Last year I went to Kyiv and watched the contest which was won by Salvador Sobral with his own song Amar Pelos Dois. Let’s remember him again first;

Sobral, who competed for Portugal, took Eurovision to his country this year. All of the nominated songs were announced for the contest, which will take place in Lisbon, the capital city. Moreover, one of the Eurovision songs on Youtube scored a huge difference to its competitors and exceeded the 2 million views threshold in three days.

I wrote again my favourite songs list that I have prepared every year before the contest. This year, there’s not a lot of songs that I can’t do without listening to. So it was very difficult for me to prepare the top 10. Last year I predicted the semifinals 8 out of 10 correctly, but this year this prediction seems impossible:)

Netta – TOY / Israel

I wanted to put in the first place TOY, the song of Israel, which I mentioned at the beginning of the article, which is very catching up. Israel has been coming up with fun and enthusiastic songs in recent years, but this year they’ve raised the bar a little bit and made a creative chicken song. Quite successful. I hope this chicken aunt will make her mouth movements successfully on stage:)

Yianna Terzi – Oneiro Mou / Greece

Greece, Armenia, Israel, Balkans, Azerbaijan and Turkey like to leave traces of traditional music in their songs. Greece is not surprising this year, with a wonderful song, with traditionality in modernity. I like it very much, and their chances are very high. She’s one of everyone’s favourites on the lists.

Lea Sirk – Hvala, ne / Slovenia

I added this song to third place because I found it really successful. It was beautiful, though it resembles the song of Donatan & Cleo, who participated in the name of Slovenia in the past years. The rhythm of the chorus is fun. I hope they accompany that chapter with a memorable dance.

Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me / Czech Republic

I put this friend in my fourth place. But He quite seems to me like Liam Payne, it’s exactly a lot like Strip That Down song. And some Talk Dirty. He has a good music clip. We need to see him on the stage. I really wonder.

Alexander Rybak – That’s How You Write A Song / Norway

And my man Alexander Rybak :) My opinions about him is quite different because I spoke to him personally and interviewed many years ago :) This year we will see him again in Eurovision, He will represent to Norway again. He used to the Eurovision stage. It means he’s so much experienced how to stand on the Eurovision stage. Since it has a lot of recognition to the Eurovision audiences, I’m guessing he’ll get a lot of votes. It is obvious he won’t play for top place with this song anyway.

Elina Nechayeva – La Forza / Estonia

Let’s talk some art, right? This song is quite successful, unusual, and beautiful. She has a really smooth sound.

Aisel – X My Heart / Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the favourite countries of Eurovision every year because almost all the songs they participate in are legendary, modern and highly European. Perception of Azerbaijan in the contest is very high. They will participate with a classical Eurovision song in this year. I don’t guess they will reach the top places.

MELOVIN – Under The Ladder – Ukraine

It’s a fluent song, and Ukraine’s Eurovision record is very good. Due to this perception, Ukraine is carefully monitored every year by the fans. This song is good, too, but I think it’s hard to get top places.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – Together – Ireland

It’s not a song to be amazed. The video uses a nice, warm street from Ireland. They change the perception of the listener a little. In addition, the clip’s topic that deals with homosexuality also pleases the Eurovision audience, so they may have a great chance. Of course, we have to say again: “Live performance is important”.

Eye Cue – Lost And Found – F.Y.R. Macedonia

The end of my list is a very difficult choice. In fact, Australia, Austria and Bulgaria are also very attractive. But this song seemed more intimate to me. Where is the Reggae-lovers?

As I say every year, I say this year the same thing too. Live performance can change the fate of everything. Especially last year I was in Kiev personally and watched the contest. The instant feeling of the audience and its reflection on television screens, stage effects and enthusiasm affect choices. Years ago, we also saw most of the songs that were everyone’s favourite had taken part at the end of the list. You never know anything before the live performances.

I don’t know if I can go to Lisbon because I have other plans this year, but it’s gonna be a lot of fun to follow it on the screen.

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