Who is Fatih Ozdemir?

Hello, Fatih Ozdemir here. I was born in Istanbul in 1993. I graduated in Business Administration from the Giresun University in Turkey, 2017. When I’m 14, I had started to code some websites myself without getting any help. In addition to this, I had a passion for designing, blogging and video creating. Because all of these reasons, In 2010, I created my personal blog (fozdemir.com) and have written articles about my interests (I have started to write English articles after 2019) as a quick start. It was very important for me because it has become one of the popular blogs of Turkey, I also got sponsorships from international brands like Turkish Airlines, Kempinski Palaces, Jaguar, Trivago, Ferries of Istanbul (IDO). I have joined the meetings with the managers of these brands even though I’m too young. These experiences ensured I earn important skills.

Currently, I already work for some clients from Germany, UAE, USA, UK, and Turkey as a freelancer. You can check my Behance profile to look at my works. If you want to hire me for your projects, please visit fozzdigital.com to get detail and contact me.

In 2013, I have gained great opportunities and experiences with the project that I had started in university years is giresunblog.com which is the first city blog of Turkey was visited by about 2,5 million visitors from all around the world.

In 2015, I was elected as one of the 40 young entrepreneurs of Turkey out of 40.000 applications by Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation. After this, My life was totally changed. I experienced to see how to build a successful company in the start-up ecosystem. Also, I have met with many of the successful business persons of Turkey via the foundation.

In the sixth month of taking part in this foundation, I have established one of the popular news websites of Turkey called Ontrava together with my other 3 shareholders (one of them is who the member of the second biggest business family of Turkey is Sabanci) before my graduation. I managed all process of this project like making annual plans, designing mobile application and website, management of creating the process for mobile application and website, tests UI / UX for digital products, publishing the mobile app to App Store & Google Play Store, SEO analyses of website and app stores, creating the corporate identity, managing social media accounts, hiring the editorial team, planning daily news flow, managing all advertising process, planning income management, accounting procedures, business relationships management and competitor researches for 1.5 years.

Ontrava had been one of the most popular news apps & sites in Turkey. shortly after the founded – August 2016. Ontrava’s iPhone App has taken second place in the News Category of App Store in the first week after publishing– November 2017. This app has become one of the most successful stories in my youth.

At this time, I have got training about leadership that accredited by Boğaziçi University via Yenibirlider (A New Leader) Association. In addition to this, I joined a young entrepreneurship program of Hackquarters.

In the middle of 2017 (after my graduation), I decided to go to London to improve my second language due to my global vision. Besides, I have started to work on my new startup project is Citiletter by dint of this experience. The project that we are testing on small user groups will be implemented when I feel ready in the future.

In addition to these, I am making Vlogumentaryvideos for my Youtube channel while I have free time.

By the way, you can follow me on social media. Please feel free to meet with me: Facebook (Personal), Facebook (Blog), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Any question or collaboration?

Please contact me if you have any question or plan any collaboration with me. It is also possible you can send me an e-mail via me@fozdemir.com.

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